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All the Pokemon drawn in ms paint.

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July 2nd, 2012, 8:01 pm

Kanto Dex Completed

Well, the Kanto dex is completed. I think I'll take a week or so off before I shore up some more for the next region. Hope you enjoyed the first 151!

June 21st, 2012, 12:31 am

Back to it

I hope you enjoyed seeing some good art over the last few days but it's time to get back to my bad ones. Enjoy!

June 14th, 2012, 1:03 am

guest illustrator

We'll be having a guest illustrator in the coming week to fill in for me while on vacation! They're amazing so don't get too used to the high quality. Leave some great comments for Sasu when you see them!

April 24th, 2012, 1:00 pm

We coo.

Got my laptop back so there won't be any more trouble getting pokemon drawn! Got another shiny coming up so watch for it! You might be surprised. I know I had forgotten what it looked like. Makes me want to start breeding for one.... But I don't have time for that.

April 18th, 2012, 3:43 am

Were you paying attention?

We had our first shiny recently. Did YOU catch it?

April 9th, 2012, 11:46 pm

Running out!

Ack! I'm running out of usable pokemon! By which I mean that my completed drawings are almost all posted. I hit a bump in the road when I had to send in my laptop for repairs but I will hopefully have it back soon. Until then, I can just draw using my other computer which might possibly come out nicer! Or not... knowing me. I'll draw draw draw as soon as I finish this paper!

March 10th, 2012, 1:53 pm

Busy Busy Busy!

I've been increasingly busy with school so I have been trying to get as many posts uploaded as I can. Unfortunately, I am just slowing down. I don't have a terribly large amount of time so I just draw them when I get the chance. You may think that it wouldn't take very long for me to draw these horrid renditions, but it does....

We're good up until the 28th of this month for now. I'll be sure to make another news post if I have to go on hiatus when finals get here.

Thanks for checking in!

February 24th, 2012, 2:54 pm

Bad Memory

I'm starting to get to a place where I can't remember exactly what some of the pokemon look like. Many are no longer being drawn from memory but after a quick look at a reference pic. Sorry if that disappoints anyone!

In other news, drawings have been completed up to #042 so there will be no scarcity of daily updates! Stick around for more pokemans!

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